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Integrating Urbanchat with WhatsApp

By integrating Urbanchat with WhatsApp, you can significantly improve your customer support quality by allowing your custom-built chatbot to seamlessly assist your customers/clients at any time.

This guide will take you through the integration process.

Step 1: Getting Started with WhatsApp Integration

  1. Sign in to Urbanchat and Create Your Bot:

    • Make sure you have access to your Urbanchat account. If you don't have one, create an account.
    • Set up your bot by uploading files, text, websites, or Q&As.
  2. Find the WhatsApp Integration Option

    • Navigate to your chatbot menu.
    • Click on the "Integrations" tab.
    • Select "Add to WhatsApp" to initiate the integration process.
    • Follow the displayed steps to connect your WhatsApp business account to Urbanchat.

Step 2: Setting Up Meta (Facebook) Business Account and App

  1. Create a Meta (Facebook) Business Account:

    • Visit here
    • Enter your business name, your name, and work email address. Click "Next".
    • Provide your business details and click "Submit".
    • Enter your business details and click Submit
  2. Create a new Meta (Facebook) App at

    • "Log in" to your Meta (Facebook) Developer Account
    • Select "My Apps"
    • Click "Create App"
    • Choose User Case: "Other" and click "Next".
    • Choose App Type: "Business" and click "Next".
    • Provide app details: App Name, App Contact Email, Business Account (Optional), and click "Create app".

Step 3: Setting Up Meta (Facebook) App for WhatsApp Integration

  1. Add WhatsApp to your Meta (Facebook) App.

    • In the "Developers Dashboard", choose your app.
    • Locate "Add products to your app" in your app's dashboard tab.
    • Choose "WhatsApp" for setup.
    • Select your Meta (Facebook) Business Account (if not selected in step 2).
    • Navigate to App settings > Basic from the sidebar.
    • Set the Privacy Policy URL to
    • Save changes.
    • Set App Mode to Live.

Step 4: Generate WhatsApp Token

To obtain a permanent WhatsApp Access Token, follow 1 to 3 steps:

  1. Create a "System User":

    • Visit the Meta Business Suite.
    • Find your business account in the top-left dropdown menu and click its Settings (gear) icon.
    • Click Business Settings.
    • Go to Users > System users.
    • Add an Admin system user.
  2. Add Assets.

    • After creating the system user, click on Add Assets.
    • Navigate to Apps > "Your app name".
    • Select your app and grant full control to manage the app.
  3. Generate System User Access Tokens.

    • Click the Generate New Token button on the system user.
    • Choose the app that will use the token and set the token expiration to never.
    • Select "whatsapp_business_messaging" and "whatsapp_business_management" permissions.
    • Generate the token.
    • Copy the access token and store it securely.
  4. Add a new Business Number for WhatsApp

    • You can use your own business number or utilize the provided test number for your WhatsApp chatbot.
    • In WhatsApp Developer Dashboard, navigate to WhatsApp > API Setup from the sidebar.
    • Proceed to "Step 5: Add a Phone Number," click Add phone number.
    • Provide details required in the following form.
    • Verify your number using the received code.
    • Once successfully added, select your phone number in Step 1 of API Setup.
  5. Add a Payment Method

    • To send messages via WhatsApp, you need a valid payment method. Visit here for details.
    • After adding your business phone number, click "Add payment method" to address the "Missing valid payment method" alert.
    • You'll be directed to your WhatsApp account settings. Click "Payment Methods" > "Add business payment method" and follow the prompts to add your card info.
  6. Test your new Business Number for WhatsApp

    • Return to WhatsApp Developer Dashboard, navigate to API Setup > Step 1.
    • Enter a testing "To" number.
    • Click "Send message" to verify successful message delivery.

Step 5: Configure WhatsApp API Webhook settings

  1. Verify WhatsApp Webhook Callback.

    • In WhatsApp Developer Dashboard, navigate to Configuration.
    • Under Webhook, click edit
    • Copy the Callback URL and Verification Token from Urbanchat WhatsApp Integration modal to your WhatsApp Developer Dashboard.
    • Click Verify and Save to save the webhook.
  2. Configure Webhook Subscription Field

    • Under "Webhook Fields," click Manage.
    • Find the "messages" field and subscribe to it by checking the box.
    • Return to Urbanchat and click Verify.

Step 6: Add WhatsApp Account to your Urbanchat Chatbot

  1. Retrieve WhatsApp Account Information

    • Paste the permanent access token generated from Step 4.3 in urbanchat integration modal in WhatsApp Access Token.
    • Copy your Phone Number, Phone Number ID, and WhatsApp Business Account ID into the Urbanchat WhatsApp Integration modal.
    • Click Add Account to complete integration.

Step 7: Confirm Integration Completion

Congratulations! Your chatbot is now ready to assist clients via your WhatsApp number.

You can enable, disable, edit, or delete your WhatsApp integration settings as needed.