gpt-4o is now available in chatbot settings

Connect Your Chatbot with Calendly

Now Let Your Customers Book Appointments Right Through Chatbots.

Step 1:

Create Your Chatbot on
Visit and create a new chatbot tailored to your needs.

create chatbot

Step 2:

Provide your website Url or train your chatbot by text or documents

provide website url

Step 3:

Train your chatbot

train chatbot

Step 4:

Access the Integration Tab

access the integration tab

Step 5:

Click on enable

click on enable

Step 6:

Fill calendly url

enter calendly url

Step 7:

Open a new tab. Visit Calendly


Step 8:

Sign in with your existing account or sign up for a new one.

sign in to calendly

Step 9:

Create an Event on Calendly
If you don't have an event yet, create a new event in your Calendly profile.

create event

Step 10:

Choose your event type.

choose the event

Step 11:

Fill up your details and click continue.

Fill up your details and click continue.

Step 12:

Select your preferred one.

Select your preferred one

Step 13:

Write a compelling description for your even than click save and close.

write description on calendly

Step 12:

Click copy link.

Click copy link

Step 13:

Come back to urbanchat tab and paste your link in the field than click save.

enter calendly url